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Android Training in Chennai

Android Training in Chennai learning at TechTilt Info Solutions. Our Dot Net Training offered by Android professionals. Rated as Best Android Training Institutes in Chennai. And we provide Android Courses with 100% better placement assistance.

Android training Preface of Android Training

Android is an architecture-neutral programming language and agnostic framework that caters to the varying requirements from desktop application, to business solutions, to multiplayer online three dimensional games.

The Version 4.5 added many new features and enhanced the existing ones that help in the development of robust and user-friendly solutions more easily.

Bill Gates delivered a keynote at Forum 2000, held June 22, 2000, outlining the Android ‘vision’. The July 2000 PDC had a number of sessions on Android technology, and delegates were given CDs containing a pre-release version of the Android Framework/SDK and Visual Studio Android.

The SDK1.0 version’s runtime was made publicly available around 6pm PST on 15/JAN/2002. At the same time, the first version of Visual Studio Android was made available to MSDN subscribers.

The runtime supports Windows XP, Windows 2000, NT4 SP6 and Windows ME/98. Windows 95 is not supported. Some parts of the framework do not work on all platforms – for example, Android is only supported on Windows XP and Windows 2000. Windows 98/ME cannot be used for development. IIS is not supported on Windows XP Home Edition, and so cannot be used to host Android. However, the Android Web Matrix web server does run on XP Home.

There are two separate mechanisms provided by the Android class library –

1. XmlSerializer – Web Services
2. SoapFormatter/BinaryFormatter – Remoting

Both are available for use in your own code.

The following some core features provided courtesy of Android

1. Interoperability with existing code
2. Support for numerous programming languages
3. A common run-time engine shared by all Android aware languages
4. Language integration
5. A comprehensive base class library
6. A simplified deployment model

The following syllabuses are our Android Course in Chennai,

Visual Studio

Visual Studio Android Compact Framework
Visual Basic Android
Data Presentation
ActiveX Data Object Android
Visual C# Android
Active Server Page Android
Extensible Markup Language

Advanced Android Training

Windows Presentation Foundation
Windows Workflow Foundation
Windows Communication Foundation
Silver Light

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