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JAVA Training in Chennai

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Java is an object-oriented language. Java programs consist of classes that represent objects in the real world.

The Java is unusual in that a program is both compiled and interpreted. With the compiler, translate a program into an intermediate language called Java bytecodes – the platform-independent codes interpreted by the interpreter on the Java platform. Compilation happens just once; interpretation occurs each time the program is executed.

php training What are the Characteristics of Java?

The creator of Java, James Gosling and his Sun Microsystems team introduced Java in 1991 with several compliments. The Java programming language is a high-level language that can be characterized by all the following buzzwords:

  • → Simple
  • → Robust
  • → High performance
  • → Object oriented
  • → Secure
  • → Multi-threaded
  • → Distributed
  • → Architecture neutral
  • → Dynamic
  • → Interpreted
  • → Portable

With most programming languages, you either compile or interpret a program so that you can run it on your computer.

Java is a simple language so that any novice can feel comfortable with it in programming even complex problems. Programmers who have acquaintance with C and C++ can learn Java very easily.

A platform is the Hardware or Software environment in which a program runs. The Java platform differs from most other platforms in that it’s a software-only platform that runs on top of other, hardware-based platforms:

The Java platform has two components:

Java VM

Java API

Java platform gives the following features are:

The essentials




Java Training Courses

Core Java

Collection Framework

J2EE – (JAVA 2 Enterprise Edition)

Java Script


Java Server Pages (JSP)

EJB (Enterprise Java Beans)

XML (Extensible Markup Language)


Advanced J2EE Training




What makes Java language different from many others?


Built-in Security

Error Processing



Java is easier to learn than C++

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